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Our conference venue can seat 60 persons in theatre style or 30 at tables with ample space for a presenter.

The nursery provides ample space to stretch the legs between presentations.


General arrangements:

1.    We supply jugs of water with one glass per person and sweets – is replenished during breaks.


2.    Meal orders are taken during the late morning tea break.


3.    Only Koffietijd food, refreshments and drinks are allowed.


4.    We can provide for special diets at a premium if we get notice in time.


5.    Guests can order items on their own accounts like food, drinks and refreshments.


6.    Meal breaks should be taken punctually to ensure the best quality food and prompt service to all restaurant clients.


7.    Final times should be given to our manager before the start of the day, otherwise we adhere to quoted times.


8.    Morning coffee will be ready half an hour before the start of the function, unless arranged otherwise.


9.    Booking for each function is confirmed by paying the deposit, which is not refundable unless we receive written notice more than fifteen days in advance.


10.The function manager is responsible for appropriate sound volume that considers other guests and surrounding businesses. Discretion of restaurant management is applicable.


11.Final numbers for a function are confirmed three days before it starts, before 13:00.


12.We have a generator on standby during office hours.


13.All breakages by guests or the presenter of the function will be for the account of the organiser.


14.The estimate provides a maximum amount for food and refreshments, but the final invoice may be lower depending on the orders of guests (excluding Sunday cooked lunches).




Cost per person

Coffee, tea and rusks - 2 rusks per person

R  18.00

Fruit juice in jugs - per jug R50 (± 8 champagne glasses)

R    6.25

Coffee, tea, cooldrinks with muffins and scones

R  24.00

Lunch – personal order with fruit juice *

R  60.00

Coffee, tea, cooldrinks

R  14.00

Dinner - personal order with fruit juice *

R  60.00

Mineral water - 3 bottles per person

R  18.00


R 200.25

Venue  fee

R   30.00

Service fee

R   23.00

Daily total

R 253.25



















Online request for quote

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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